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TorGuard Product Review: TorGuard VPN

16th of March, 2016

The aim of TorGuard VPN is to provide users with anonymity and security while they are online by using VPN encryption to allow users to remain anonymous, preventing others (such as hackers or Internet service providers) from gaining access to the user’s online history. Since the Tor in TorGuard Stands for torrenting, it should come as no surprise that peer-2-peer file sharing is supported.


Security and features

TorGuard uses iKEV2, IPSec, L2TP, OpenVPN, PPTP, and SSTPencryption methods to protect users while they connect to one of its 1200+ servers, hosted in 43 countries. Some of these servers are optimized for specific types of VPN use  such as streaming or torrenting. TorGuard also features a “kill switch” function as a failsafe mechanism in the event that the VPN connection drops while a user is browsing .

Using a VPN will almost always drop your connection speed; however, numerous review sites have confirmed that TorGuard users are still able to browse at high speeds, stream high definition videos, and download files almost seamlessly. It is important to note that for top performance users should, whenever possible, use servers that are optimized for the specific task. For instance, users should connect to a streaming optimized server while streaming––with over 1200 servers in 43 countries this should not be an issue for most.

In order to protect the privacy of its clients, TorGuard keeps no user logs. However, TorGuard does collect billing information, which (we might argue) almost defeats the purpose of using such a highly secured VPN. TorGuard’s privacy policy states that it only uses the collected personal data for promotional and marketing purposes . One reviewer noted that once clever solution to this is to use bitcoin(which is an accepted method of payment according to TorGuards Website).


The basic VPN monthly subscription cost is $ 9.99 USD, making it comparable to a Netflix subscription; there are other bundles and options as well for proxy and email encryption services. Further, TorGuard offers routers with the VPN software already installed for those that are less technologically inclined or worried about compatibility issues.

Overall, we would recommend TorGuard for someone looking for a VPN service, with one major note being that billing information is collected. If you can get passed that, the features and price point make this a solid buy.

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I’ve always been fascinated by the ever evolving interaction between people and technology, specifically within the developments of online communities.

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