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Mixesoft Product Review: Click&Clean, History Eraser, & Cookies App

17th of November, 2015


High quality, lightweight software is said to be the forte of Mixesoft. Mixesoft creates software programs by listening to the needs of their users and developing appropriate solutions that are simple enough for any user to integrate them into their daily browsing routines. Along with a variety of browser extensions, Mixesoft offers three privacy solutions: Click&Clean, History Eraser, and Cookies.


Click&Clean (CC) is a free browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that is designed to clear your internet history. While many browsers allow you to clear your history yourself, CC automates this process by allowing you to do it all in as little as one click. CC provides customizable features, such as determining which data you would like cleared when the process begins. Options include: Browser History, Download History, Cache, Cookies, Saved Passwords, etc. In this way, you can ensure that the data you want to be stored can remain on your browser. Even while browsing in private modes you will see records of your browsing on your computer. This video below elaborates more:

2. History Eraser


History Eraser is a free application for Chrome and Opera. This simple application provides users with an easy clearing tool for their browsing history and comes with a wide variety of configurable options. While customizable, History Eraser is still simple enough for any level of internet user, regardless of browsing prowess.

3. Cookies

Cookies is a tool for Chrome that allows users to manage the cookies stored in your browser. This tool allows you to add, delete, and edit cookies, in addition to creating a whitelist of cookies that you wish to keep. While cookies might have a bad reputation when it comes to online browsing, there are many good cookies that increase user convenience. This article on Privacy Snapper will tell you much more about cookies.


Mixesoft has not yet received much negative press, but has been criticised for creating some unnecessary products. This user reviewon Softronic speaks specifically about one of Mixesoft’s marquee privacy products, Click&Clean. In the review, the user argues that Click&Clean is unnecessary since browsers like Firefox have built in programs with the same function. Further, the review notes that Firefox’s in-built program is more effective and cleaner than Click&Clean. These reviews and will naturally continue, as Mixesoft’s other two products also serve functions that can be done without the software apps. However, Mixesoft does offer users value in their products––even if some believe them to be unnecessary — by creating solutions aimed at simplicity and accessibility.

About Ryan Jeethan

Ryan is a graduate of the University of Waterloo’s Arts & Business program focusing on UW’s unique Speech Communication program. 

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