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How To Turn Off iPhone’s WiFi Assist

30th of November, 2015

With Apple’s new iOS update has come several features designed to address user issues in their previous software, as well as add in new features designed to drive home a better user experience. One feature added to iPhone called WiFi Assist has drawn the eye of many for the potential cost implications associated with its use.


WiFi Assist was designed to help users drop weak wireless signals and automatically connect again to their device’s data capabilities. In this way, users would no longer feel the Internet lag of being connected to a waning WiFi signal, as your data would step up for you. Personally, this new solution solved one of my largest frustrations: trying to use my phone while sitting in the driveway and having my iPhone hold onto the almost out of range home Wifi, rather than switching over.

Not everyone has shared my enthusiasm however, since many are opting to turn off WiFi assist because of the bills associated with the naturally higher data usage. Further, many users have found WiFi assist to drain their phone’s battery life. In this article, we will take you on the simple process of turning off your iPhone’s WiFi Assist.

1. Begin by locating and selecting the “Cellular” option located in your settings.

2. Scroll all the way to the bottom of your “Cellular” window. Once at the bottom, you will see “WiFi Assist” and will be able to turn it off. Refer to image, left for a representation.

And that’s all! Congratulations––you have turned off your iPhone’s WiFi Assist, saved on your next mobile bill, and helped to save your phone’s battery life.

About Ryan Jeethan

Ryan is a graduate of the University of Waterloo’s Arts & Business program focusing on UW’s unique Speech Communication program. 

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