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CyberScrub Product Review: Privacy Suite 5.1

8th of March, 2016


CyberScrub is a digital security company that specializes in developing a variety of data privacy applications, ranging from encrypting user data to the complete purge of data from drives and networks. CyberScrub applications are designed to keep user data private during all stages of a device’s use. Their encryption software is designed to secure user information, and their data erasure applications are designed to completely remove all trace of user information when a device is retired. Today, our focus is on CyberScrub’s Privacy Suite 5.1.


Privacy Suite 5.1


CyberScrub Privacy Suite is designed to remove all traces of a user’s online activity. Every picture or video that we view, and email or instant message that we receive, is written to our hard drive. Data recovery techniques can be used to retrieve this information even if the user has “deleted” it, as simply pressing delete on a file does not permanently remove it from your hard drive.


Privacy Suite addresses the issue of lingering hard drive data in a number of ways; it is quite adept at completely removing and destroying files, rendering them unrecoverable––this is CyberScrub’sclaim to fame. The company boasts that, “Privacy Suite software allows you to erase data using wipe methods that exceed standards set by the United States Department of Defense for secure file erasure”. Privacy Suite allows users to schedule regular “cleanings” as well as the option to actively receive alerts when privacy risks occur so that they can be resolved immediately and permanently. You can find a comparison between the features offered by Privacy Suite 5.1 and similar products from companies like Norton and McAfee here.


Privacy Suite has received praise from Cnet , Privacy PC  and CPU Report. However, some critical reviewers have noted that the UI (User Interface) can be confusing, especially for new users; Privacy Suite 5.1 does not support Chrome; and the $59.99 CND annual licensing fee may be steep for some users.


Ultimately CyberScrub does what is designed to do:completely erase your online history. If you are in the market for that kind of privacy protection, Privacy Suite 5.1 is worth the investment.

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