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Businesses to fit your needs.


Secure, Peer-to-Peer Video Conferencing for Business & Government


CryptoVideo is video communication platform built for the Google Chrome Browser, incorporating privacy, security, & quality by design.


Protect your crypto identity with a combination of biometrics and a voluntary action only you control, like walking.


Like a fingerprint, you possess unique identifiers established in your walk. Harnessing this identifier gives us a powerful new tool for human verification.

TodaCorp Inc.

Banking the Unbanked.

We can live in a future of strong regional economies, friction-free global trade, and individual privacy. A world where borders enable us instead of constraining us. Where the laws of the land are imposed algorithmically but optimized continually. Where prosperity is universal.


Present day insurance cannot reach the majority of people on the planet.

Global prosperity also means prosperity for the emerging market. A key aspect of achieving prosperity in the emerging market lies in access to insurance, enabling security for dependents left behind.


Decentralized email encryption has arrived.

Finasafe is based on blockchain technology that provide the most secure, private, and encrypted emails. It works within existing email systems for simple yet powerful security.


Credibility Governance - Decentralized

Reverified verifies transactions for sellers and buyers that don’t necessarily know or trust each other. Whether they choose to settle with crypto-currency, fiat or both, ReVerified can help regardless.


Secure, Real-Time File Transfers

At DocuString, we are committed to information privacy for our personal, business, and government users. With an increasing number of costly enterprise hacks plaguing many Fortune500 companies, handling the transfer of secure documents and files has become a concern at the forefront of many professionals' minds. Whether handling website server keys or M&A proposals, DocuString is determined to serving its users the most secure, sever-less, file-transfering channel on the market.

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