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5 Browsing Privacy Softwares

22nd of June, 2015

Protect yourself and block attacks with these Browsing Privacy Software.


•    VPN (virtual private network) allows you to browse on a public network with the security of a private one. It allows a point to point connection through traffic encryption. Check out this link for the best VPN service.


•    Disconnect is a browsing privacy software package that keeps your searches private and secure with their VPN servers and software that blocks third party cookies. Their software also blocks ads and you can download it on all of your devices if you go for the ‘pro’ package option.


•    For windows operating systems Cyberscrub browsing privacy software  is a highly rated security software that will protect your system from malware and virus attacks.


There are further browsing privacy software options out there that require your full understanding of the terms of their use.


•   Tor, the onion router, is a browser you can download and use to surf the net anonymously. The connection is slightly slower due to your traffic being routed through many different computers, but therefore if someone is observing the traffic it is not linked to your IP address.


This network may make you anonymous, however it is still possible that you could be hacked. This most likely would come from the security enforcement side due to the fact that Tor users are red flags to the government.


Tor users are often associated in the press with websites such as ‘Silk Road’ or child pornography and arms trading.


•    To optimize your browsing privacy software you could add Tailswhich ensures safe anonymity when browsing with Tor. It encrypts your files, emails and instant messages. It is an operating system designed to be used from a USB stick so you can plug it in to any computer and browse without a trace. The information that needs to be saved by Tails is saved onto your RAM which is deleted after every use.


It is important for the future development of technology that we set up a secure network and encourage reliable usage.

About Amy Rudolph

Amy is a well traveled web developer. With a love for technology and appreciation for freedom she is very keen to carry out Privacy Shell’s mission, to encourage the use of technology with a heightened privacy awareness.

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