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4 Privacy Tools to browse securely

19th of June, 2015

Privacy Snapper – Install this browser extension in order to review all the privacy policies of the websites you have visited. Rather than Privacy Snapper belonging to the extension group of privacy tools that block content think of it as an online briefcase for the different privacy policies you have agreed to.


Ghostery – Ghostery is one of the privacy tools that blocks trackers and advertisers to prevent third party cookies from using your data. It shows you exactly which trackers you are blocking and you can enable and disable them as you see fit.


AdBlock – Get rid of annoying advertisements on all websites with AdBlock.  Privacy Tools Extension for Firefox or Chrome.
You may still want to enable ads for some websites who provide free content for you by selling advertising space. With such privacy tools you can differentiate the websites you would like to support with ads and which ones contain ads that are bothersome to you.


In your browser settings under advanced settings and privacy, enable Do Not Track. This is an http header field that requests websites to disable their tracking of you. If a website actively listens out for this setting they will disable their tracking system.

About Amy Rudolph

Amy is a well traveled web developer. With a love for technology and appreciation for freedom she is very keen to carry out Privacy Shell’s mission, to encourage the use of technology with a heightened privacy awareness.

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