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3 reminders on why your online privacy is important

20th of October, 2015

We get it––you’re busy! And that’s why Privacy Shell has always been invested in quick information, free for your online privacy matters. In the spirit of haste (with children to feed, bills to pay, and bosses to appease), we’re here with three brief reminders about why you should care about your online privacy. So take a spin through these quick and easy reminders about why online safety matters.


1. “Non-Identifiable” Information 


Your “non-identifiable” information is worth cash money (read: $$$) to the parties requesting it of you. And although you may be told that this information won’t find its way back to you, calling you out for taking the latest “Which Evil Step-Mother Are You?” quiz, that’s not as true for anyone else with access to it later. If you have time, check out this New York Times piece discussing controversies over consumer options for opting-out of “do not track” alternatives.


2. Fraud on the Rise


Fraud is on the rise. Retailers’ revenue lost to online fraud has increased over the past two years to reach an estimated $3.5 billion, up 30% from $2.7 billion in 2010, with mobile commerce also showing a 1.4% increased rate lost to fraud. Further, online shopping has brought an onslaught of “friendly fraud”, where customers may find that it’s easier than ever to reverse a transaction (Remember Lorna from Orange is the New Black?). Chargebacks have been designed to protect customers from online scams, but in recent years customs have started using it in place of refunds. Still interested? Check out this Forbes article for more information.


3. Privacy is Power


Privacy is power. Daniel J. Solove, founder of TeachPrivacy, argues that privacy is a limit on governmental and private company power. The more than an institution over person knows about us, the more power they have the potential to hold. Personal data is used to make important decisions in our lives, which can be used to affect personal and professional reputations thus influencing our decisions and shaping our behaviors. In the wrong hands, personal data may be used to cause us harm, demonstrating that now, more than ever, privacy is important.


You would never tell a construction worker to enter a work zone without a hard hat, and so you should never assume that you should log in online without some sort of privacy protection. We suggestPrivacy Snapper, an online briefcase for all your privacy policies. So go forth and browse––your policies are stowed safely.

About Brianna Wiens


Brianna is pursuing her PhD in Communication & Culture at York University, while also teaching university courses in organizational group interaction and communication theory. 

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