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3 Private Search Engines – A Comparison

11th of June, 2015

To avoid profiling and personalized search results you could use the following search engines for private browsing.


These search engines state that they display search results based on the best sources rather than the most sources or most likely sources. This is achieved through crowdsourcing websites like Wikipedia and partnership engines.



  • No tracking

  • No profiling

  • Smart search based on crowdsourced websites

  • Gives instant answers

    Can’s always find what you are looking for and you may have to switch to a different search engine for some queries that you have.


Epic Privacy Browser

  • No tracking

  • No url check

  • Every technology striped out that could impact your privacy

  • Does not gather info on its users

  • All traffic is directed through their servers so no ip address can be tracked

  • Has a proxy feature that encrypts your connection

  • Searches can be slow


ixquick metacrawler

  • Self proclaimed worlds most private out of all private search engines.

  • It is a metacrawaler that scrapes information from many search engines and optimizes the results

  • Does not log IP addresses but logs certain information to update the search engines performance and statistics.

  • You can connect to their european servers as a default and avoid the US servers if you are concerned about the PRISM revelations.

  • Searches can be slow

About Amy Rudolph

Amy is a well traveled web developer. With a love for technology and appreciation for freedom she is very keen to carry out Privacy Shell’s mission, to encourage the use of technology with a heightened privacy awareness.

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