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1Password Product Review: Password Manager

29th of March, 2016

What Is A Password Manager?


One of the key elements that determines a personal online security is password protection. As Edward Snowden has argued, “bad passwords are one of the easiest ways to compromise a system [account]”. From Facebook to Instagram, Netflix to Youtube, and Paypal to Amazon, it is undeniable that the average Internet user has dozens of social media accounts. Although we’ve all been told countless times over that we should use different passwords for each of our accounts in case of a profile hack, not many of us can answer truthfully that we do. Yes, experts have even gone so far as to say that it is better to keep a physical written list of the various passwords for your accounts rather than use the same password. However, this is a cumbersome and imperfect solution. In 2016 when faced with tasks like this people often want to streamline the process, asking the all-too-common question of, “Is there an app for that?” The answer is yes. Today we’ll be reviewing 1Password––an app that is there for our password needs.   




1Password is a password management app that is available across most major platforms: Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android, with support for extensions on Safari, Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. The app allows users to store their login information as well as personal data and credentials.

However, the actual process is a little clunky. The app allows users to simply use one master password for all their accounts, while maintaining the security of all of their accounts. 1Password offers the ability to auto-fill fields like logins and passwords, credit card or personal information, which is useful for quick and secure online shopping. The information stored by 1Password can be accessed across devices, which is great for users.


One of the best features that 1Password has is its ability to generate randomized, long, and secure passwords. Since 1Password is designed to use a single master password and then automatically fill in the user’s login and password information for the user’s various accounts; there is no need for users to remember the random numbers letters and symbols that the password generator creates. The password generator and the password management system can be used to change a user’s existing passwords to make them more secure. Additionally, 1Password includes features that show users the strength for all of their passwords, whether they are randomly generated by a computer or by a person.


Some of the features of this app are difficult to explain without visual aids so you can watch this video to see the app at work.


Some reviewers have noted that the lack of two phase authentication could threaten to compromise the security of the app. The biggest problem with 1Password is the price starts at $49.99 USD (at the time that this review is being written, that places the app at a little more than $66 CAD) for a standard windows licence. There are many similar apps that offer comparable service for free or at a fraction of the cost. A such, we recommend users do their due diligence and shop around before investing in this product.  

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