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Privacy & Security by Design

We are 70+ technologists, advisors and crypto people. We are interested in building and help building startups that are disrupting their market while security and privacy are built by design and into the core of the product. Blockchain technology can come in handy in building those companies when the design needs to eliminate a third party entity to depend on. We remain blockchain agnostic. We have companies using Ethereum, while others using Bitcoin, Dash, Ripple or even intend to use others that aren't even up yet. 


Currently PrivacyShell's main Focus is on TODA ecosystem


PrivacyShell founders, authored the TODA Protocol, the worlds most scalable, secure and efficient Ledgerless Blockchain. One of the implementations is geared to secure AI in a decentralized BFT setting for IOTs while others to secure financial transactions and scale them efficiently and privately. It can also scale other ledger based blockchains like Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, on-chain scaling. Toda is truly decentralized and fully distributed blockchain. This means there is no leakage of transaction fees outside the user base. If interested in learning more, helping out or joining the open source community, reach out Here's the Whitepaper of the Toda Protocol. (Please note Patents on Toda Protocol have been filed to protect from others claiming ownership and restricting anyone to use it, Toda Protocol is open source under (CC BY-SA 4.0) )


Leadership Team
70+ Privacy & Security Advocates Worldwide (and Growing)


Per Advisor

Cybersec AdvISORY

Providing Advisory to head of nations, corporations, institutions covering C-Suite, Presidents, BOD and others

$14,200/H Per Strategy Team

Global Strategy

Help identify resilient strategies for nations, Governments, NGOs, Companies, Institutions and Others


$2,100/H PEr DevelopMent TeaM


Provide consultants in cybersecurity, AI, HI, implementations, governance, planning, execution and deployments 


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